Saturday, July 21, 2007

Week 2 recap

The first month of the season is nearly complete and the more things change at ISBL, the more things stay the same. After a great 5-1 start to the season, the Los Angeles Dodgers are a piss poor 7-10 to close out the month of April. The Dodgers have upped their payroll by more than $20 million, most of it on middle relief, but like years past, that has been the biggest problem for them. CUrrently only two relievers have an ERA under 4.00.

Good: After the 2018 season in which John Huseby and Peter Cosner hit .351 and .328 respectivly, I thought it was a fluke. I figured there was no way they could do it again. Little did I know in 2019, they both would do it again with Huseby hitting .366 and Cosner hitting .306. In 2020 they are both back at it again. Cosner is at a team leading .344 and Huseby is at .330. In 1700 career at bats, Huseby is batting .343. It doesn't get much better than that. Compare his numbers with the top three hitters in ISBL history, Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby and the active leader Frencis Breedlove and Husbey stacks up well. Numbers are in their first four seasons, in which Husbey has not completed yet.

Name Batting average At Bats Hits
John Huseby .343 1701 584
Ty Cobb .324 1694 549
Rogers Hornsby .306 1491 457
Francis Breedlove .333 1447 482

Another good for the Dodgers has been the play of reserve outfielder Steve Roman. In spring training Roman was told he would be relgated to a backup role. After starting last year and performing well (.271/12/82), Roman said he understood why and has shown maybe he should get another chance. In a pinch hitting role, Roman has 5 hits in 11 at bats with two home runs.

Bad: While Alex Rios finally stepped up and had a good week, hitting .381 in 21 at bats. However, his other two outfielders did horrible. Malcom Williamson hit .154, and teamate Garrett Henry, who started his rookie season hitting the cover off the ball finally cooled down hitting .136.

Ugly: Van Kennedy -After reliving starting pitcher Juan Gonzalez after his worst start of the year (6 IP, 5 runs scored, 1 earned), Kennedy let the game get out of hand. The right-hander allowed five runs in only one inning pitched. He allowed four hits in the inning, three of them doubles. The game was 5-3 when he entered and was a blow out by the time he recorded his third and final out.

Stud of the sim: Robert Pangle. The reserve outfielder had only nine at bats during the entire 8-day sim, but he hit home runs in two of those at bats.

Up Next: The Dodgers will end the month of April with a series versus the Chicago Cubs. Currently the Cubbies are in second place, 3 1/2 games back of the leading Cardinals. After the Cubs, the Dodgers move on to another NL Central opponent, as they start a 3-game series versus the Houston Astros. Houston is currently in last place (How did that happen Jevon?). After a day off on May 6, the Dodgers will take on the defending champion Florida Marlins.

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